Cement silos of Cement batching plant factory against afternoon sun with clear blue sky


 Our silos are mainly designed to store loose materials in the construction industry such as ash, cement, lime, etc. This does not mean that our silos are only suitable for these products. We also carry out projects for other industries such as chemical, cosmetic and pharmaceutical. The creation of each silo is an individual project based on the interview and the client’s needs. The choice of the size and accessories is carried out in close cooperation with the customer, based on the provided designs or by implementation of a new dedicated device according to a design made by us

Excavator buckets

 We have significant experience in the production of buckets for all brands of excavators. Our range includes both standard and swivel buckets. Each bucket is made on an individual order or we propose solutions from our projects database that can be adapted to the customer’s needs. We offer ditch, openwork, trapezoid and other buckets. We also adjust sizes and capacities as needed. We carry out non-standard orders for both standard-size as well as for mini-excavators. If you are interested in this product, please contact us and we will surely find a suitable solution.

Yellow backhoe with hydraulic piston arm against blue sky. Heavy machine for excavation in construction site. Hydraulic machinery. Huge bulldozer. Heavy machine industry. Mechanical engineering.
excavator loader crushing machine at secondary demolition or destroying works with jaws on construction site

Demolition shears and crushing jaws

 Demolition shears and crushing jaws are accessories that will not only increase your machine park but also significantly increase the usability of the excavator and the attractiveness of the company. The working elements are made of 400-500HB wear-resistant steel.

Soil compactors

 Soil compactors are another type of accessories that increases the operational spectrum of an excavator. It should be emphasized that excavator compactors have advantages unattainable for standard compactors. Thanks to mounting on the arm of the excavator, they enable the compaction of slopes and excavations and increase work safety as there is no physical presence of the operator. They can also be used for piling work.

Construction workers are placing anchors for a wooden retaining wall for a garden along a canal
grue à grappin

Universal grapples

 Depending on the needs, the grapples can be of various shapes and sizes. This equipment is used for all kinds of work that requires the transport of heavy materials such as trees, rocks, stones, rubble and other objects, so the grapples are used for both construction and demolition work.

The size and shape of the equipment depends on the future intended use. We make grapples both for general use and designed for specific and individual customer needs.

Tree transplanting grapples

In the era of pro-ecological trends and tendency to restore green areas in urban agglomerations there is a growing demand for the transport and implementation of large-sized trees in urban areas. Having such equipment will increase the range of services offered and the competitiveness of the company. Our equipment is compatible with all brands and types of excavators.

Tree transplanter heavy machine. machine for transplanting large
Heavy duty metal plate / sheet rolling machine. Industrial metalwork

Machines for industry: bending and rolling mills, spinning machines.

Our own production of silos is based on the use of our proprietary machines. The devices designed by us can be used in any plant that deals with the processing of steel and other metals. Thanks to many years of experience in the production of silos, our devices have become more and more practical and versatile. The size of the processed materials depends on the size of the ordered device, which we can adapt to individual needs.

Conveyor belts

The industrial conveyor belts we produce are not only used for the transport of loose materials such as sand, gravel, coal, but also in the production industry requiring a smaller scale and a different approach to the implementation of these devices. Our design experience allows us to tailor solutions for specific needs, both for indoor use as well as year-round operation outdoors in various weather conditions.

A conveyor belt for processing coal ore

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